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Techno-thriller Fiction Genre – What’s the best definition for techno-thriller genre? Books in the techno-thriller fiction genre are made up of stories that have characteristics of, and place emphasis on, real-world or plausible near-future technology, often pertaining to a world war or cyber terrorism. There is strong detail in all of the subject matter in the techno-thriller genre akin to hard science fiction, but meshed up with other genres, such as, but not limited to: apocalyptic, science fiction, espionage, political, spy, thriller, and action.

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techno-thriller fiction genre book coverTechno-thriller Fiction Genre – Examples

Review this list of popular examples to help you get a better understanding of the techno-thriller fiction genre.

1. The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

2. Daemon by Daniel Suarez

3. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

4. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

5. Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy

6. Freedom™ by Daniel Suarez

7. Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy

8. The Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy

9. The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton

10. Patriot Games by Tom Clancy

11. Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy

12. The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy

13. Executive Orders by Tom Clancy

14. Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

15. The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy

16. Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy

17. Without Remorse by Tom Clancy

18. Prey by Michael Crichton

19. Timeline by Michael Crichton

20. Deception Point by Dan Brown

21. Congo by Michael Crichton

22. Sphere by Michael Crichton

23. The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy

24. Reamde by Neal Stephenson

25. Airframe by Michael Crichton

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