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Book Genres for Kids

Younger reader look up at book genres for kidsBook Genres for Kids – Books for younger readers are classified in two different ways: book genre and/or the intended age of the reader. Children’s Literature began with the oral tradition of storytelling and songs. Most “classic” children’s tales were originally stories for adults that were later adapted for a younger audience. Children’s literature often contains a moral or religious message told in a way that children can understand and embrace in a fun and comfortable way.

How many book genres for kids are there, and what are the correct definitions for each of them? Click on the children’s book genres below for detailed definitions and examples. Or click here to see all Fiction Genres and Nonfiction Genres for adult readers using our Book Genre Finder.

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Book Genres for Kids – Children’s Book Genres

Book Genre Dictionary | Book Genres for Kids


Picture Book Genre

Chapter Books for Kids

Juvenile Book Genre

Juvenile Fiction Definition

Juvenile Nonfiction Definition



Middle Grade Book Genre

Young Adult Genre

YA Fiction Genre

YA Nonfiction Genre


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