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Types of Book Genres

Man revealing the types of book genresTypes of Book Genres – This article reveals the 3 main types of book genres. It’s part of a free multi-part training guide about genres of books, written by a former NY Times bestselling literary agent.

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Types of Book Genres – Main Categories

By Mark Malatesta

According to publishing professionals like literary agents, librarians, editors, and marketing executives, there are just two main types of book genres. But I’m going to share three types of book genres with you, because that makes a lot more sense to the average author and reader.

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Types of Book Genres – #1

The Fiction Genre is first on our list of the 3 types of book genres. Books in the Fiction Genre deal with, in part or whole, information or events that are not real. The people, places, and circumstances are imaginary or theoretical, developed from the mind or ideas of the author. The stories are inventions or fabrication opposed to fact. Fiction Genre works are often found in the form of short stories or novels. The Fiction Genre is a base genre for all works of fiction; any other genre can be a work of fiction if some elements of the plot, stories, or characters are made up entirely by the author.

Types of Book Genres – #2

The Nonfiction Genre is second on our list of the 3 types of book genres. Books in the Nonfiction Genre are made up of prose writing based on facts, real events, and real people. Books in this genre are based on true facts and information. They are narrative accounts or other communicative works that impart knowledge or information to the reader. Books in the nonfiction genre must contain only facts. And memories recalled, and recounted, as accurately as possible. The nonfiction genre includes sub-genres like memoir, autobiography, and narrative nonfiction.

Types of Book Genres – #3

The Children’s Book Genre is third on our list of the 3 types of book genres. Children’s, or Juvenile, Literature includes fiction and nonfiction books for younger readers. That includes teenagers as well as children reading their first words, and everything in between. Sub-genres of the Children’s Book Genre include the Young Adult Genre, Middle Grade Genre, Juvenile Genre, Chapter Books Genre, and Picture Book Genre.

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Now that I’ve answered the question, “What is the genre of a book?” and “What is the best sub-genre definition?” and “What are the 3 main types of book genres?” click here to see my article about all the different genres of books (and every other article in this free multi-part training guide about book genres).

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