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Style Genre – What’s the best definition for the style genre? Books in the style nonfiction genre are about the distinctive personal selection of what one wears, and how they wear it, and the way one behaves. The books in this genre can be about personal preferences in all choices related to aesthetics in one’s surrounding and ornamentation, or it can be about the way they act and live. They can also be about fashion and design.

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style genre book coverStyle Genre – Examples

Review this list of popular examples to help you get a better understanding of the style nonfiction genre.

1. 100 Unforgettable Dresses by Hal Rubenstein

2. 100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman

3. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton

4. Chanel: Key Collections by Melissa Richards

5. Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style by Jerome Gautier

6. Dressing Marilyn: How a Hollywood Icon Was Styled by William Travilla by Andrew Hansford

7. Fashion Forward: The Comic (Issue #1) by Shawnee Gibbs

8. Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century by Akiko Fukai

9. I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style by Amanda Brooks

10. Influence by Mary-Kate Olsen

11. Jackie: The Clothes of Camelot by Jay Mulvaney

12. Lauren Conrad Style by Lauren Conrad

13. On Human Finery by Quentin Bell

14. Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by InËs de La Fressange

15. Royal Style: A History of Aristocratic Fashion Icons by Luise Wackerl

16. Secondhand Chic: Finding Fabulous Fashion at Consignment, Vintage, and Thrift Shops by Christa Weil

17. Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look  by Ann Shoket

18. Streetstyle: From Sidewalk to Catwalk by Ted Polhemus

19. Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe

20. Style by Kate Spade

21. Style Diaries: World Fashion from Berlin to Tokyo by Simone Werle

22. The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman by Christian Dior

23. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

24. The Teen Vogue Handbook by Teen Vogue

25. The World According to Karl by Karl Lagerfeld

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